Halwa Aunty

Don’t underestimate the Halwa Aunty.
This drama sculpture is from this year.
Malala and Mukhtara Mai drama are no less than this drama.
For the upcoming March 8 women’s march, dangerous insults are being prepared.

For Muslims, the Arabic language is not only a communication tool, but every Muslim has a heart, mind, and intellectual connection with it, which is more than devotion, and the art of calligraphy is also an artistic expression of love and affection for the Qur’an.

Now it is incomprehensible to make clothes with such designs ignoring the sensibility of Muslims, either the designer is a stupid liberal or he is deliberately trying to normalize the sensitivities of the Quranic verses from the speaking Muslims. Is?
Both situations are ugly and should not happen
Calligraphy looks good in works of art, ordinary people walking in the bazaar are not PhD scholars doing research, so women are requested not to walk around as halwa advertisements, but to understand social and Islamic values.

See These Pictures

My brothers & sisters, see these pictures and then tell me, is this a normal case????

Halwa Aunty 1
Halwa Aunty 2
Halwa Aunty 3

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