Battle of Yamama

Musailmah liar was fought as a result of the claim of prophethood where 1200 companions of the Last Prophet were martyred.
And completely erased this fitna.
The first Caliph Syedna Abu Bakr Siddiq was giving a sermon: People! Let there be no men in Madinah, the people of Badr
Or the people of Uhud, turn to Yamamah.”
With wet eyes, he said again:
Let no one stay in Madinah, not even the forest
The beasts came and dragged away Abu Bakr.”

The Companions say that if Ali al-Murtaza
If Sayyiduna Siddique had not stopped Akbar, he would have
He would take up his sword and head towards Yamama.

70,000 warriors of Banu Hanafiya against 13,000
They were armed with weapons.
This was the same battle about which the people of Madinah used to say: “By God, we have never fought such a battle before.”
never fought later”
As many wars as Badr Ahad before that
Khandaq Khyber Mota etc. 259 only
The Companions were martyred. 1200 Companions were cut off in defense of the end of Prophethood
They were lying together.

O nation! I still finished you
Significance not known.

Thabit bin Qais, the leader of the Ansar, yes, he is the same
The stories of whose bravery are told by Arabs and foreigners
I was famous
From his tongue came the sentence:
O Allah! Whom they worship
I apologize for that.”
Chashmaflik also saw the scene when
He alone entered the army of thousands and fought until his body
But there was no place left where the sword
And don’t have an ear injury.

The beloved brother of Umar bin Khattab. Yes, the same Zayd bin Khattab who brought Islam
He included the Muslims in the first row
I delivered the last sermon:
God! I haven’t heard from anyone so far
Don’t talk until you defeat them
Don’t give up or be martyred.”

O nation! You are still finished Prophethood
Significance not known.

It was the garden of Banu Hanafiya “Hadiqa-ur-Rehman” in which so much blood was shed that it came to be called “Hadiqa Al-Mut”. It was a garden whose
The walls were like a fortress
Can the intellect think that of thousands?
Let there be an army and Bara bin Malik said:
“Guys! There is only one way now, you and me.” Pick it up and throw it in this fort I will open the door for you”
He stood on the wall of the fort
This army of deniers of the end of Prophethood
Saw and then alone in this fort
Whosoever will claim bravery till the Day of Judgement
Here he will also hold his head!!!
A single person was fighting against thousands
Yes, he opened the door too
Then the Muslims denied the end of Prophethood
Cut it off

  • O nation! I wish you knew that
    Your ancestors gave their lives
    of the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him).
    What is the defense of the end of prophethood? I wish you, O Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace
    It is said that those who knew the feelings of the Companions
    With a handful of congregation to the limit
    They collided with the spread army. Qadianism has appeared as a great temptation
    So it is the responsibility of every believer that he
    Participate in its efforts.
    O Muslims, protection in the Jihad of Prophethood
    Play your role so that the intercession of the Seal of the Prophets, may God bless him and grant him peace, be blessed on the Day of Judgment. Finally, I request all of you friends that this story of love and sacrifice of the companions of the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, be shared by all Muslims.
    In order to keep this writing in front of
    Do your part to move forward

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