Battle of Yamama

Musailmah liar was fought as a result of the claim of prophethood where 1200 companions of the Last Prophet were martyred.And completely erased this fitna.The first Caliph Syedna Abu Bakr Siddiq was giving a sermon: People! Let there be no men in Madinah, the people of BadrOr the people of Uhud, turn to Yamamah.”With wet … Read more

Halwa Aunty

Don’t underestimate the Halwa Aunty.This drama sculpture is from this year.Malala and Mukhtara Mai drama are no less than this drama.For the upcoming March 8 women’s march, dangerous insults are being prepared. For Muslims, the Arabic language is not only a communication tool, but every Muslim has a heart, mind, and intellectual connection with it, … Read more

Ichra Lahore Incident & A Question to Nation

A question with the whole nation……………🎤Yes, this incident has been monitored for the last few daysI was saddened to see the plight of the forgotten Muslims.Indeed, there was no insolence,Indeed, this woman wore clothes thinking it was fashion.Indeed, this dress is worn in Saudi Arabia (according to common people). Just as fashion, Sorry, sorry Forgotten … Read more

Lahore Ichra Incident.

On February 25th, 2024, a concerning incident occurred in Lahore, Pakistan. A woman wearing a shirt with Arabic calligraphy found herself in danger in Ichra Bazaar. A mob gathered outside a shop, alleging the calligraphy on her shirt represented Quranic verses, which some misconstrued as disrespectful. The woman and her husband sought refuge in a … Read more

Total Voters In Pakistan 2024

The total Voters in Pakistan in 2024 is 12.6 Crors. Voters Age Wise Distribution S.No. Age from To Voters Number 1. 18-25 2.44 Cror 2. 26-35 3.26 Cror 3. 36-45 2.77 Cror 4. 46-55 1.81 Cror 5. 56-66 1.18 Cror .6. Above 66 1.20 Cror Voters Age Wise Distribution 44.5% of voters are under the … Read more