Ichra Lahore Incident & A Question to Nation

A question with the whole nation……………🎤
Yes, this incident has been monitored for the last few days
I was saddened to see the plight of the forgotten Muslims.
Indeed, there was no insolence,
Indeed, this woman wore clothes thinking it was fashion.
Indeed, this dress is worn in Saudi Arabia (according to common people). Just as fashion,

Sorry, sorry

Forgotten Muslims
Take care.
First of all, why the Arabic and Quranic styles of writing?
Why in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan?
Did the Jews and Christians ever wear their inspired books as fashionable calligraphy?
Why is this happening only in Muslim countries?

Pick up the Quran and Hadith and see, it is strictly forbidden.
At the prescribed table, Islam forbids eating,
Then why so?
Then why such a fashion among Muslims?
Consider that there is no trick to the anti-Islamism of the Jews and the Christians.
There is no religious aversion to the religion of Islam among Muslims!!!!!!
Pick up the history and see even during the reign of Sultan Abdul Majeed
Absurdly fashionable clothing was introduced to Muslim women.
Because there was a trick of Jews and Christians in it.

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