AIOU Students Study Problems

AIOU LMS Problems
AIOU LMS Problems

Here we are discussing some main problems of Students.

1. Unavailability of Printed Books.

Allama Iqbal Open University is providing now only soft forms of books. There is no availability of printed books. They are providing printed books only for Matric & F.A. which is the main problem for students. Students are paying huge feeses. For example, the 1st-semester fee for BS is about 16000. But no availability of printed books. Therefore many students are leaving their studies. That’s why AIOU enrollment has decreased.

2. Examination Policy.

AIOU changed its exam policy a few years ago. Reaper in paper policy has been discontinued which is injustice. All the universities are providing this opportunity for the students so that they can reappear in the paper. Most universities give three chances but this cruel rule has been implemented by AIOU management that no one can reappear on paper. If a student fails the paper, he/she has to re-enroll in that subject. This cruel rule has decreased university enrollment.

3. Main Server Issue During Quizez. (LMS Problems)

The university gives only 12 hours for attempting quizzes. The main server of the university did not work properly during the last hours. Most students cannot complete the quiz.

4. Poor Paper Marking.

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  1. Aoa, Sir main Bs Arabic samester 1st Multan ka student hn,hum NY work shop teams py attend ki hain Jo k hamain pta nh tha k lms py attend kerni hain,ab sun rahay hain k hamari absent count ho ge,pls 1st time tha ,iss bar hamari attendance approve ker lain ainda ehtiat Karin gy, thanks


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